Microfibre mop flat press


Art.no. 40cm: 100147


Suitable for common flat press holders made of stainless steel and plastic.

Made from white plush with quilted seams. The microfibre mop, flat press, in white, is made in Germany from 11-mm pile of the finest fibres. Excellently suited to universal cleaning. Can be used for a wide range of daily cleaning tasks. The mop also features a fleece water repository and a robust cover as abrasion protection for the back. The pouches are made from durable and robust polyester with PVC coating. The insertion strip of the pouch is designed to make the mop holder easier to insert. Made from 100% microfibre

Special feature:

The quilted seams achieve a grooved surface texture. This significantly improves the sliding properties.

Application area:

Hospitals, rest homes, universal cleaning, maintenance cleaning.


Application: Moist cleaning
Washable: 60 – 95° C
Suitable for tumble drying: Yes
Box contents: 50 items