About us

We are the brand for professionals who rely on top-quality products.

Mopptex is primarily a private label producer of mops, microfibre cloths and other cleaning textiles in all variations and designs.

Quality and sustainability are our priorities! As we operate our own production facilities in Europe, we can offer our customers a very prompt, professional and customised service of the highest quality.

Our fabrics and services are specially adapted to the needs of professional users. Our status among our valued customers is consolidated by our custom developments and solutions.

Our technical facilities and expertise allow us to serve you with both innovative new developments and low-cost products. We also offer our customers various logistical solutions to open up a range of distribution strategies.

In addition to our individual solutions, you can rely on a standard range that meets your needs and the needs of the market and is always in stock!

Our products are supplied in a neutral appearance or as a customer own brand if required.