White 300345


Stable, durable PREMIUM disinfectant cloth, specially designed for the regular use of disinfectants.

Application area:

For the disinfection of all common surfaces and devices.

Cloth size: approx. 40 x 40 cm
Weight: approx. 41 g/cloth
Edging: Particularly strong, dimensionally stable
Washable: 60 – 95° C
Box contents: 200 items

Laboratory research objective and evaluation:

Due to positive charge, quaternary ammonium compounds own a high adsorptive and absorptive capacity to negatively charged surfaces, as for example cellulose fibers and conventional microfibers. By reason of this connection, active substances may no longer be available in sufficient concentrations for disinfection.

In order to ensure safety and functionality, MOPPTEX has developed special fiber structures and adapted them to the requirements of disinfection. This was underpinned by a 4 fields laboratory test by HOHENSTEIN Laboratories Germany.

In the study, the evaluation criteria of DIN EN 16615.2015-06 – Quantitative test method for the determination of bactericidal and yeasticidal activity on non-porous surfaces with mechanical impact using FILSAIN® DESI cloth in the medical area – were used.

Evaluation: under the conditions tested, a perfectly harmonizing bactericidal and yeasticidal activity, test report no., was confirmed.