Kitchen Towel COTTON

Green 700221 (60g Cloth)
Green 700231 (80g Cloth)
Yellow 700222 (60g Cloth)
Yellow 700232 (80g Cloth)
Red 700223 (60g Cloth)
Red 700233 (80g Cloth)
Blue 700224 (60g Cloth)
Blue 700234 (80g Cloth)


Kitchen towel in premium quality for a clean and hygienic drying. Long-lasting, natural product made of 100% cotton.


Cloth size: approx. 50 x 70 cm
Weight: approx. 60 g/cloth or 80 g/cloth
Edging: extra strong
Washable: 60° C


Box content: 24 bags of 10 (60g Cloth)
Box content: 20 bags of 10 (80g Cloth)